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    Magaluf Clubbing Holidays

    Magaluf Clubbing Holidays Magaluf Clubbing Holidays Magaluf Clubbing

    Those who are familiar with the kind of fun that Mallorca can offer will find Megaluf the best place on earth. It is probably the most popular holiday destination for young people in their twenties looking for crazy things to do but some others in their late thirties (who still haven’t lost their love for night life) also say it is the best place they have ever seen.

    Megaluf is for sure Mallorca’s party capital any way you look at it. Thousands of people fly there to spend an unforgettable fortnight of sun and fun, but there are many others who are in the habit of booking only a weekend there whenever they get a chance.

    A Megaluf clubbing holiday is the best treat you can give your girlfriend or boyfriend as soon as summer comes; it is also a good choice to take your friends out of the country for some unforgettable adventure amidst hundreds of beautiful girls and hot guys ready to dance and party all night long.

    Excellent accommodation in hotels like Samos, located in the commercial centre, Flamboyan Caribe, overlooking white sands and having direct access to the beach, Atlantic Park, newly renovated, Honolulu, which offers some spectacular view over the bay, HM Royal Beach, right on the seafront promenade, Don Juan and many more will make your stay perfect. If you would rather spare some money, you may choose an apartment or a villa; they will be enough to keep you comfortable on your holiday.

    A little known fact about Magaluf, is that lots of adult films are filmed on location there, and lots of the world's top adult actors and actresses have their own holiday apartments on the island, so you never know what you may bump into on the islan

    A Megaluf clubbing holiday is likely to offer more than the fun of one resort only. Megaluf now merges with Palma Nova, another very nice place to be in Mallorca – there is no clear dividing point between the two so there is no way one could ever get bored in a resort like that. Try multiplying the fun by two and you will find a ten-day holiday too short to quench your crazy desire to be in clubs, bars and discos. There are about one hundred bars in the area all offering drinks at reasonable prices not to mention drinks promotions.

    A very popular attraction in the southern part of the island, somewhere on the outskirts of Megaluf, is The Pirates’ Adventure. It is a dinner show with a pirate theme, very funny and easy to understand as part of it is in English. However, those who have some idea of Spanish will find it a very good listening comprehension exercise. Food is great all around Megaluf. You can eat everything you might feel like, from Spanish delicacies to English food, and if you cannot live without McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut, KFC, here is good news: they are everywhere!

    The beaches are fine, water sports are waiting for you to cool off, and glass bottom boats will take you out on an interesting adventure at sea. The night is the time when no one ever gets any sleep so prepare to go to bed in the morning like the good guys there.

    Megaluf is undoubtedly one of the best summer destinations for young people looking for dancing, drinking incredible cocktails and lots of excitement. d !

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